26 January 2019

TERROR by Vehicles/Drivers in Mumbai.

Citizens must correct following  ...

1.  Licence/Permit given without testing on "simulator" for Responsibility Consideration Awareness and Capability. 
2.  Driving on wrong side for turns parking entry. 
3.  Reversing in lane in fast traffic disturbing all. 
4.  Crossing/stopping on Double Line divider lines. 
5. Stopping on Pedestrian Crossing n ignoring Pedestrian crossing Lights. 
6. Jumping RedLight even from wrong side of road. 
7. Obstructing Pedestrians at Junctions terrorising them. 
8. Violence on Traffic Police Wardens, ROAD RAGE, using Mobile  Video Loud Music while Driving, over use of Horn.
9. Triple Parking on Road, obstructing all Vehicles and Pedestrians. 
10. Driving on Sidewalk, overtaking from left at Bus Stop and Building Entrence. 
11. Building Gates opening on Sidewalk obstructing citizens, damaging sidewalk level to accommodate building Entrence level. 
12. Vehicles entering/leaving Building gate without any care for pedestrian.
13. Taxis Rickshaws blocking BusStop and group parking at Junctions for washing repairs Lunch breaks etc.
14. Inadequate of Traffic Signs, Boards & Local Language and IGNORENCE of same.

SOLUTION ...  ten to twenty year plan ... 
Compulsory Training on USE & RULES OF ROADS in Upper Schools ... public and private.
Driving Skills for all in Junior Colleges.

04 January 2019


Winter is not over and ~10,000 villages are declared "drought affected".  How many more before the next monsoon?  How will Govt and Citizens manage the situation, for many of the123 million population, with no drinking water for human and animal.  Yes, we Citizens must PARTICIPATE and be ACCOUNTABLE in this tragedy. 

A simple TEANSPARENT, DECENTRALIZED solution having INTEGRITY is practical and possible. I for one have reverted to ideas from  my youth for bathing.  Sixty years ago, we all took bath from a Bucket with a Tumbler. Hot water was added to the cold water in the bucket. One bucket was sufficient for a Kid and TWO BUCKETS for an Adult. Toilet too needed a half bucket or just a Tumbler for urine.

The current trend of overhead/hand Shower (or Tub),  costs an adult,  SIX buckets for a quick 1:20 min before Soap and 1:40 min after Soap shower.   Thoughtless WASTERS may need 10 min Shower, or 20 buckets for a bath.  Tub users may waste 30 buckets or more.  The Toilet Flush button costs 1bucket or more for each use. 

The extra FOUR buckets (15 Liters each), could serve the entire water needs (cooking and drinking), of a drought hit FAMILY of 5, for TWO DAYS. 

THINK ABOUT THIS AND ACT NOW, ITS YOUR PARTICIPATION AND ACCOUNTABILITY.  MILLIONS in my Maharashtra, will desert their Homes/Lands and invade Towns and Cities, live as beggers, while Animals will die in their millions  in the Villages. Humans will despise Humans, while some will ignore this drought and continue like nothing happened. 

JaiHind JaiMaharashtra!  

02 June 2018

Traditional Foods of Bharat.

The influx of foreign Corporations, bringing in or manufacturing in Bharat, new edible packaged products, most with strange additives, preservatives, taste-color-smell enhancers, getting FSSAI approval on questionable batch quality, is a serious matter for health and well being of youth and for TRADITIONAL FOODS.  

The attractive promotion, marketing methods and easy availability makes these products seem the right thing to the youth and kids.  When deeper analysis is done and the downside of these products gets exposed, new labels like Junk Food, High in Fat and Sugar, poor food value, are used to dissuade young and old from consuming these products. 

It is therefore important to counter this onslaught by presenting alternative wholesome food items which have stood the test of local evolution and time in various regions of our vast Bharat. NGOs and Agencies could seek global patents and copyright for most with support from concerned experts.  

It is proposed that we list out traditional and safe items with their constituents, making processes, region of use, pictures, etc so a Manual gets prepared.  Emphasis must be on items that can be stored for a week or more, preferably without refrigeration or added chemicals, and which allow localisation in making.  One must note that most preservatives used traditionally are: dehydration and sanitisation in sunlight, salt, oil, common spices, clean containers, dry air storage, and the like.  

The traditional products may be classified as:  Condiments and Preserves, Savories, Sweets, Main eatables, Drinks, Chutnies (dry and wet), Others.  These could be organised for various regions of Bharat, such as: Himachal, Haryana, Punjab, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Goa, Karnataka, Andhra, TamilNadu, Kerala, Bengal, Assam, etc. Each item must have related appendix with maximum details on constituents and sources, pictures, recipe and detailed process, equipment, quality checks, taste leads, storage details, usage conditions and usage life.  Suggestions on accompanying items too may be suggested for a balanced meal.  A bibliography for reference would be good. A reference guide for words too will be needed. A superficial google search shows lots of data on traditional foods state vise, but details needed for our purpose are listed below. 

A website with registered participants and  Wikipedia type revised reports will encourage our Citizens to participate.  A multilingual support for a few languages, with a qualified editorial board consisting of expert regional Chefs, will help develop the website.  A legal cell to guide global registration is also recommended.  Note this whole exercise has limited scope for governmental agencies, except as source for guidance at a later stage when the website lists one hundred key items, edited multiple times, over atleast one year. Help to promote concept and website by popular media is needed to attract participants.  

I request expert help in putting up a spreadsheet as an initial exercise for populating the cells. 

Compiled: Prafulla Vora,                         01st June 2018. 
+91 9004017654   @JNMMumbai 
Andheri West, Mumbai  400 053.