18 November 2017


Many claim they are INDEPENDANT
That they do not need anybodys' help.
Reality is different ...

BIRTH is given by Other
NAME is given by Other
EDUCATION given by Other
EMPLOYMENT-WORK given by Other
RESPECT given by Other
HEALTH ADVICE given by Other
FIRST & LAST BATH given by Other
CREMATION done by Other
ASSETS after Death taken by Other.

Then what is this arrogance of
SELF MADE humans who also abuse
the Body-Mind-Cosmic connection recieved free
Learn SahAstitva of JeevanVidya
Realise your place in this MultiVerse. 

12 November 2017


Posted on July 6, 2017 by kpnewschanneln . ....  

I attended “Kashmir Students’ Conference”, organised by Muslim Rashtriya Munch.There, one argument ensued with a muslim youth who asked me why india does not fulfil promise of plebiscite, given by Nehru. I said ok, I am with you let’s do plebiscite, what do you want he goes we need independence from India. “We want Azzadi” I said fine, you need independence as a muslim , but I as Hindu do not want that, then what is the way out, He said we must go by majority.

Fine, said I, let’s divide Kashmir into two parts one for Kashmiri Muslims and another for Kashmiri Hindus (Kashmiri Pandit’s). He goes red faced and said why should we divide it, you are in minority and you must go by majority.

I said , why did we divided India in 1947, when Muslims were in minority in India. If the minority demand to divide India, was acceded to, then, it should be acceded to, now in the case of Kashmir as well.

He went speechless…..

I said Kashmir is already dived into two, one is with India, and the ther part is POK, let all Muslims who want independence go to that part of Kashmir, which you rightly call as Azad Kashmir, as you want Azadi, go and demand independence there from Pakistan and leave the Indian part of Kashmir for Hindus only, at least let this division be complete. 

After hearing this logic they left the place.  
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Bharat - China commonality.

Both face common issues which overshadow: territorial conflicts, trade wars, NSG admission and international naming of terrorists and, above all, by media hype.  

Unprecedented air pollution, life-threatening climate change, resource-draining energy dependence, restless youth, serious unemployment, fast-urbanising population, the eroding agricultural base and terrorism are the common challenges that the two largest- and fastest-growing countries have to face squarely.  

BRICS platform -- which is neither regional, nor economic and represents 40 per cent of world population and 25 per cent of world's GDP will be the way to go. Both nations are already collaborating on many of above issues, and need to stop contentious issues.  Failure means global destruction. 

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