21 June 2017


In ancient times Caste was determined by activity and type of work done.  One could change work and status based on effort and training-education.  Birth determining Caste was an abberation, yet many instances of change in Caste or duties is well illustrated in our Puraan. 

Those who today put in the effort and obtain training and experience cannot keep saying they belong to an inferior Caste.  As Humans EVOLVE, so does perceived Caste.  Modern times exhibit Profession as Caste of ancient times.  Bharat needs to change mindset and understand that low Caste being called a Dalit is not a PERMANANT LABEL. Most have evolved thru self effort and upgraded themselves, often with a little help from State facilities.  However, some insist on looking backward to their earlier status as though it can be PERMANANT, probably hoping for more subsidies or political milage.  A collage kid cannot keep acting as though in fourth grade. 

The reverse, that is devolution, is also possible, where some reduce their status by indulging in heinous activities. These will certainly devolve to lower Caste.  They will lose Status in society and may even do time in Jail.  They thereby, certainly lose their earlier upper status or Caste and society sees them as low status. 

Bharat needs to continue providing facilities for those who strive to evolve and upgrade themselves without sticking to ancient labels which have no meaning today.  Those who want to hang on to old labels must recognise the disservice they cause to the upgraded citizens and abandon their positions and labels of Caste.  Failure means that old labels population will keep increasing due to new entrants who have devolved.  This goes against laws of Nature. 

A Shudra becomes a Kshatriya by self effort and/or assistance from Govt or Society.  Modern Society must then accept the new Status without trumpeting the previous Status for any reason.  The only rule of Creation is to EVOLVE.  

19 November 2016

Cosmological Inflation Theory - a review.

Inflation Theory (Cosmological), promotes idea that Humans are lucky that our current Universe has all the RIGHT Physical, Chemical and Mathematical Constants that make life as we know it possible. Even a microscopic change in any of the Constants would have rendered Human Life or even Bacterial life impossible.

The reality is that EVOLUTION chooses by elimination, that life form, which is most suited for the given environment. Implied their in, the given set of Constants will promote some life forms, however bizarre we may imagine them, then evolution and elimination will allow the most suitable to evlove further. Possibly, intelligent life form may evolve in one or more of the infinite possible MultiVerses that Creation permits.

Our limited self-centric view point causes some of us to imagine that another set of Constants will permanently prevent any Life, intelligent or otherwise. Let us adapt to the view that all Creation is always evolving in an infinite cycle of Inflation and Deflation with Life as an essential outcome. This is my meditative thought. 

03 August 2016

Needed Skills for Leadership.

Vande Matarum!  Highly skilled and capable persons, driven by passion, seek to retain Leadership position in their chosen field. Very few make it to the top and give satisfaction to the leadership seeker. Often the reason for slipping at the last step comes from a lack of certain skills which are often found in plenty in those at the bottom. 

A quick study of key stories from our ancient  Purana  known as: Mahabharat, will give great clarity. During the time of banishment to the forest for 13 years, Bhim, Arjun and Yudhistir had key experiences which explain my point on missing skills. 

Bhim, the invincible in strength, fails to move even the tail of an old monkey blocking his path in a forest.  The world's strongest man is shocked till the old monkey discloses that he  is actually Bhims' older brother Hanuman, come to share certain combat tricks.  A simple lesson in HUMILITY and not pre-judging others on basis of known standards. 

Similarly, Arjun suffers defeat in a bow-arrow battle with an apparent forest dweller, who turns out to be the great Shiva in disguise. Same lesson in not pre-judging others on basis of known standards and learning humility in inter-personal relationships. 

There is the case of Yudhistir and his meeting an Yaksh owning a pool of water.  Extreme thirst causes four brothers to fall seemingly dead when Yudhistir  after slow and much clever thinking, decides to first answer the devine Yaksh disguised as a Crane.  The success of Yudhistir in satisfying the Yaksh, causes the latter to  allow Yudhistir freedom plus the life of one brother. Here Yudhistir chooses not the most able brother but a step brother Nakul, to ensure his step mother too has one son left alive. This skill of BALANCEING opposing interests amazes the devine being who then revives all brothers.  

The lessons of TTT or Tendency to Take Time, Humility before seeming Inferiors and, Balancing Multiple Interests, prove the neccessary qualities of GREAT LEADERSHIP.  How often, even highly qualified persons make great haste in reaching decisions, neglect to understand and listen to juniors and worse, fail to seek balance of conflicting conditions. This leads to failures in the long term and frustration in the presumed leaders. Beware ... Those that seek to retain the top status must integrate these skills in their daily interactions and decision making.  JaiHind!